Ninebot Segway-Roller Mini Pro, Uni, Pro, schwarz

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Small size for endless enjoyment! Life can be a playground to explore and enjoy the birds are singing in the park, and the gentle breeze kisses your face…What are you waiting for? Step on a Mini Pro without further ado and feel the speed of wind and experience the magic of technology! This amazing robot automatically keeps you balanced and reads your movements. Wanna go forward? Just lean forward. The high-performance, cutting-edge control algorithm works in tandem with various sensors and advanced processors for maximum flexibility and ease of use. Mini Pro can cope easily with all normal road conditions, and will take you 30 km[1] on a journey of fun. Go wherever you want whenever you want. Explore the wonder of Mini Pro. Let’s look for the next fast, fun ride! Learn a new skill in just 3 minutes! Nervous about getting on your Mini Pro? Don’t worry,it’s super easy to get started.We’ve simplified how it works so you don’t need much practice, unlike its one-wheeled peer. In fact, it’s as easy as walking up the stairs. Adjust a fraction, and there you are – you’ve got it under control. Many, many precision sensors keep capturing every little motion your body makes, adjusting the vehicle at a speed of 200 times per second to keep you balanced. That’s why Mini Pro steers you exactly where you want to go. The innovative Leansteer® foot-control steering lever outshines its competitors by providing an easier and more stable riding experience thanks to direction control by foot motion. It’s all hands free! Get started in a few minutes and become an expert after a little practice. Take your Mini Pro and show off your new skill to the friends! Road adaptive  It’s not all about smooth roads – it’s also about the challenge on off-road conditions. It’s tricky to ride a self-balancing transporter on a slope or over small obstacle. Because only high-performance motors can ensure balance and safety, our engineers ha

  • Richtung Gyro vorne/hinten.
  • Maximale Geschwindigkeit: 18 km/h (bridable).
  • Betriebsdauer: 30 bis 40 km.
  • Verbindungsart: Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Radgröße Tubeless: 10 Zoll (25 cm).

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